Saturday, 10 October 2015

Tiptoeing back with the three "A's," and a bonkers hat!

Firstly " Thank you" very, very much for all your kind messages about our lovely daughter. It's been a long summer and we have been quietly accepting,adapting and accommodating . Or at least we have been trying very hard to.

Andy and I have popped over to Spain for a short break,and in my weekly Yoga lesson my teacher was talking about the importance of these 3 A's in life. My goodness it rang the bell of truth to me! And I have been thinking about these three words so much. Accept,Adapt and Accomodate. Easy to do on the downhill slope of life,when you can freewheel with the wind on your face and through your hair but harder, on the uphill struggles. But, I believe we have all hopefully made it to the last climb and soon we will be taking a well earned breather.

Our lovely eldest daughter.

Still smiling!

Our youngest daughter is still travelling the world and is experiencing wonderful things and places. She has announced that even though she has now travelled far and wide around the globe she wants her wedding to be in Devon in 2017. One happy and excited Mum here!

Here is a picture of her and Bernie, her South African fiancée going under the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday .How exciting and what a beautiful day.

And as for sweet William. We miss that lovely little family as much as ever but are so assured that they are happy and enjoying every day. He has started school now and my dear Daughter In Law has started working part time. So big changes there too. They have just been to the zoo with friends and I love seeing the pictures, which allow us to share their lives.

These lovely photos just make me smile. Making friends and having fun.

When I wrote my last post I wondered if maybe I had come to the end of the road with blogging. But I have always been very thankful for the support my lovely followers have given me. And this week 2 months after my last post I received a lovely message from Wendy at "September Violets."

Just by taking the time to leave such a supportive comment after so many weeks made me miss my blog, not just my blog but the lovely people and friends I have made.

So, with a lighter step I have also been trying to get a joint venture going on the charity crafting thread I belong to.

"Knit your Square to Give Your Share "

We are going to make hats for good causes and see how many we can amass before Christmas.

Then we will donate them to various good causes close to our hearts and think at least we have helped someone who might also be climbing a steep hill in life.

Here is my first effort.

Well I am smiling again..... Thank goodness.


Monday, 3 August 2015

The Long and Winding Road. And more than a few bumps!

I totally love people's honesty when they write on blogs. Some of my favourites are not picture perfect,sweet, or full of perfectly posed pictures. I read about the bumps and lumps in their lives.I can almost be in their house. I can empathise as they are dealing with teenagers. I remember being full of self doubt, I have had hardships and battles. But I rarely talk of them........

Sometimes I ask myself " what actually is my Blog here at Chalky's World about?"

Does it actually mean anything significant?

Is it enriching anyone's life?

Is it enriching mine?

I think I have got to a very big crossroads with Blooging. I know many others have too. It's so easy to blog when life spins along happily downhill. But, my goodness it's hard when you find yourself on a steep uphill climb. I never swear... Well not publically,or in print but life has been pretty SH1t around here just lately .

Not sweet Wiilam of course . Our 2 legged alarm clock and all day entertainer was amazing. But enjoying him so much makes " goodbyes " even harder. It will be a long time until we see him again and my goodness he is growing so fast!



I should have sat down with him for this photo he looks almost as big as me!

We miss him,but also his mummy and daddy.


But they are so happy and that is just as it should be.

I see my Grandson and my son rolled into one wonderful bundle here.

So, there we are just A little gap in the family photo for our lovely youngest daughter and her fiancé as they are still sailing the seven seas.

But, someone once said to me "that you are only as happy as your unhappiest child " and my goodness that is so true.


It's not my story to tell but I just wish she was freewheeling just now. That would make me so happy.... But let's wait awhile and this time will pass. And until it does I will swear repeatedly under my breath and hope the sun is just behind a cloud!